Setting clear expectations........

Optimum Solutions designs efficient electrical/hydraulic/pneumatic/mechanical systems that satisfy our customer's needs.

Our ability to listen drives our design excellence. We strive to understand your company's requirements and expectations early in the project, then identify a preferred direction that will balance construction, maintenance, and operational costs. We work closely with your facility staff to integrate your design standards and equipment preferences – eliminating surprises later in the project.

At Optimum Solutions, we understand that you need a company you can count on to get jobs done efficiently and without hassles. Because we're committed to working with you—rather than just for you—you can choose Optimum Solutions and feel confident about:

We'll bring to your projects the insights and expertise we've gained from our work on hundreds of projects. And, because we can provide start-to-finish capabilities for virtually any project, we'll help you develop total solutions so that you can get back to the business at hand—your business.

Our People

The Optimum Solutions design process involves senior engineers in brainstorming/review sessions that are done at the start of the project and at key milestones.  A review team is maintained throughout the project, providing consistency from inception of design intent through completion of integration.  Budget construction cost estimates are reviewed and confirmed at each milestone. Using our best expertise, we create our best ideas. 

Primary Operations Staff

- Mechanical Engineer / Sr. Partner
- Electrical Engineer / Sr. Project Manager
- Lead Design Drafter / Sr. Project Manager

Technical Support Staff
Dr. Richard Preston - Physicist
Fred Moll - Military Project Consultant
Mel McDowell - Programming Consultant
Chris Higgins - Project Facilitator / Chemical Engineering Co-Op Student
Sheldon Phillips - Project Facilitator / Mechanical Engineering Co-Op Student